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Almost Christmas and I am really really busy going to discover if there is something new in Weihnachtsmarkt this year… Sadly I must say – no.

But I am a very smart girl, I will cheer you up with some trash news today. Ooooh yeah.

I just found some odd stuff on my reviews so I decided to make a point of explainingsome of them to you, my dear readers.

1. can tourists smoke cannabis in Düsseldorf – no

2. calories in glühwein – 84.6

3. Düsseldorf Weihnachtsmarkt flyer – Online Flyer

4. sauna club Düsseldorf – Magnum , Golden Time

5. cuckoo-clock Düsseldorf – Souvenirs Düsseldorf  (Jesus……folks…..)

6. dusseldorfexperiment blog – The Düsseldorf Experiment

7. Düsseldorf expat mum – Meetup

8. Düsseldorf Apple – Joseph Computer Service GmbH

9. kiosk Düsseldorf Sunday – search: ‘Trinkhalle’

The list is quite short but how intense! Enjoy!




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