Oh Medica! Düsseldorf’s Sauna Clubs missed you a lot!

“Poor wives” said to me my Significant Other last day while talking about the annual trade fair here in Düsseldorf called MEDICA.

I fell in a sudden silence for a while asking myself …”What..? Why…?”

Well yeah, the answer came to me as fast as I thought about  ‘how to make money on trade fair in a city such as Düsseldorf that has nothing valid to offer and can’t even make money on some ancient ruins or significant cultural sites/paces/events?”.

Let’s open numerous (let’s call them nicely) Sauna Clubs and make ducats on this brilliant business full of multicultural females ready to make you feel comfortable in this emotionally below standard city and have something ‘warm’ to remember and tell the kids…oh…maybe avoid kids in this case…

Now some important info:

MEDICA runtime 12-15 November 2014

Opening hours
Wednesday to Friday: 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Düsseldorf Fairgrounds

Entrances: North, South and East
Halls 1 to 7 and 9 to 17

Admission tickets and catalogs will be offered via the MEDICA online shop .

If you are wondering how much it will cost you all the prices you will find in this prices list.

And maybe most important but underestimated – address:

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61
40474 Düsseldorf

Ok I think it’s enough. Now pleasure.

List of Sauna Clubs in Düsseldorf and hereabouts:

Dolce Vita – oh they are organising the Halloween Party as well!

Magnum – ‘Every day 100 girls!’  WOW!

LivingRoom – 100% Migraine Free!  Damn!

Acapulco – ‘Everything else was yesterday…’  What?!

Golden Time – the largest one in NRW.  OMG do not miss!


Most quoted are those. Then you can find other, smaller, not so fancy and maybe not english speaking but doesn’t mean less interesting. Just google ‘Sauna Club Düsseldorf’ and fine one you would like to visit!


Have fun and do not forget to use precautions.

Happy Medica Everyone!


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